Join a work group is the best way to get involved with PHNAC. Please contact the chairperson for each work group listed below. If there is no chairperson listed, please contact

Note: ad-hoc work groups do not meet on a regular basis. Please contact the committee chair to find out when the meeting is. regular work groups meet once a month (or a frequency determined by the chairperson of that group).

Legislative & Policy

Chair: Penny Grande

  • Coordinate with the PHNAC lobbyist the process to set the PHNAC’s priority agenda (bills that we will monitor, actively support, or oppose). The lobbyist usually conducts a member survey in late fall to establish PHNAC’s priority agenda.
  • If the chair is not able to facilitate the meeting either the co‐chair or another member shall be asked to do so. The PHNAC lobbyist generally facilitates the discussion as well.
  • Members are welcomed to bring any pertinent bills to the attention of members and the lobbyist.
  • Coordinate legislative events such as the “Day at the Capitol” and the winter conference since it is scheduled with the Colorado Nurses Association’s Legislative dinner.
  • Coordinate with the lobbyist any member notification during the legislative session to encourage members’ need to contact their legislative representatives to support or oppose a bill.

If you want to be on the legislative email distribution list, email Diana Protopapa and include “I want to join PHNAC legislative workgroup” in the subject line.

Trend, Advocacy & Research

Chair: Carol McDonald

The purpose of the Public Health Nurse Practice Trends, Advocacy, and Research Workgroup is to align public health nurses in Colorado with our state and national trends, professional standards, and evidence-based practices to strengthen the public health nursing workforce in Colorado.


  • Advocate for equitable compensation for nursing roles in public health practice
  • Support transition to practice programs for PHNs
  • Use of marketing strategies to promote public health nursing

PHN Support & Development

Chair: Vicki Swarr

  • Attend workgroup conference calls
  • Provide opportunities for PHN networking that encourage Colorado’s public health nursing workforce and those interested in public health nursing
  • Plan and execute PHN workforce activities that promote and support public health nursing for PHNAC members, Public Health Professionals and students
  • Advise and recommend PHN workforce development strategies and activities to PHNAC members and Executive Board

Marketing & Outreach

Chair: Masayo Nishiyama

  • Attend workgroup meetings
  • Monitor membership numbers and facilitate activities to promote membership renewal and recruitment during membership campaigns January and June.
  • Create a marketing plan for PHNAC and review on an annual basis
  • Advise and recommend changes to any membership categories to the Executive Board


Chair: Masayo Nishiyama

  • Attend workgroup meetings
  • Monitor and report membership numbers
  • Participate in member orientation program
  • Facilitate a new member meet and greet activity during the winter conference and annual fall meeting
  • Create a membership plan for PHNAC and review on an annual basis
  • Advise and recommend changes to any membership categories to the Executive Board

Bylaws (ad-hoc)

Chair: Carolyn Kwerneland

  • Meet as needed to review bylaws for clarification
  • Review recommended changes to bylaws from board or members
  • Bring recommended changes to business meetings for vote

Nominating and Awards (ad-hoc)

Chair: Masayo Nishiyama

  • Meet with committee/workgroup members during the winter member meeting to discuss possible candidates for the open Executive Board positions
  • Assist in recommending and/or contacting possible candidates for open board positions
  • Review awards and nominations
  • As a workgroup decide on a process to make the final selection for the awards

Professional Education/PHiR Conference

Chair: Masayo Nishiyama

  • Keep PHNAC Executive Committee and members updated on plans, date and location of PHiR
  • Coordinate with the Colorado Public Health Association (CPHA) regarding Public Health in the Rockies (PHIR) conference activities
  • Coordinate with the Civica Project Managers for any events or conferences
  • Responsible for sharing leadership of PHiR planning committee and making decisions on behalf of PHNAC; assigned to oversee designated subcommittees on planning committee (this is still to be determined)
  • Attend all PHIR conference planning meetings or find a replacement; meetings start in the fall following the conference and continue monthly
  • Communicate to the PHNAC president conference or educational meeting agendas and any speaking obligations he/she may have during those events

Scholarship/Silent Auction (ad-hoc)

Chair: Vacant

  • Attend workgroup meetings via conference calls
  • Monitor and track the annual budget designated to the Scholarship funds and determine the amount and type of scholarships that are able to be offered
  • Review applications, determine which applicants meet the requirements, and decide on the recipients
  • Notify the applicants who are selected to receive a scholarship and those who are not selected as well