There are six standing workgroups which reflect the goals and core values of the Association.  Several additional workgroups exist on an ad-hoc basis.  Please consider joining a workgroup to become more involved with PHNAC!

Check out the workgroup descriptions for more information.  The chairs and members of all the committees for the current year are listed below.  You can also download a contact list for all the board and workgroup members.



  • Meet as needed to review bylaws for clarification
  • Review recommended changes to By‐laws from Board or members
  • Post recommended changes 30 days prior to Winter & Annual meetings
  • Bring recommended changes to the Winter and Annual meetings for vote
  • Follow up on getting updated By‐laws posted on web‐site
  • Attend monthly PHNAC meetings and provide reports
  • Report the committee/workgroup activities to the Executive Committee a minimum twice a year
  • Prepare an annual report for the fall member meeting 

Nominating and Awards

  • Attend monthly board meetings or submit committee/workgroup activity reports
  • Meet with committee/workgroup members during the winter member meeting to discuss possible candidates for the open Executive Board positions and ask members to submit
  • candidates for Board positions and awards.
  • Contact the possible candidates for open board positions. If the nominee agrees to become a candidate for the position, collect information on the county where the nominee is employed,
  • title, and number of years in Public Health Nursing (PHN)
  • Beginning in July, prepare ballot for membership vote. The election results should be available 30 days before the fall member meeting. The Public Health Alliance can send a confidential
  • ballot to the membership for online voting. Identify the deadline for ballots to be received.
  • Notify the candidates that did not win the election and thank them for running for the Board position.
  • Notify the candidates who were elected, send the new Board members names and information to the Alliance for an announcement to be sent to the membership announcing the incoming Executive Board members.
  • July, send a reminder to membership to request nominations for the annual PHNAC awards. Nominations should be 3 – 4 paragraphs in length describe why the candidates / project is being nominated and qualifies for the award.
  • Establish a deadline for nominations. The notice will sent by email to the membership by the Public Health Alliance.
  • Meet / call / email committee/workgroup members and plan to review nominations. As a committee/workgroup decide on a process to make the final selection for the awards.
  • Contact the nominators to let them know that their candidate either was or was not selected for the award. Provide them with details about when the awards will be announced at the fall public health meeting. This is traditionally done during the Awards dinner.
  • Send the winning nominations and descriptions of the awards to the CPHA member handling the awards dinner. A program is made with the award and nominations. Pictures of the person / project may be requested as well.
  • Purchase awards for the winners. Acrylic trophies have been used the past several years with the name of the award and winner name. Give the receipt for the cost of awards to Treasure for reimbursement.
  • Prepare an announcement about newly elected Executive Board members and award recipients for local media vendors, the Colorado Nurse publication and the PHNAC web site. The Alliance will assist with postings on the web site.
  • Report the committee/workgroup activities to the Board of Directors a minimum twice a year.
  • Prepare an annual report for the fall member meeting.


Chairperson(s) (may choose a chairperson for each conference)

  • Keep PHNAC Executive Committee and members updated on plans, date and location
  • Communicate the plans for the PHNAC fall member meeting to the conference planning committee/workgroup if the meeting is to be held in conjunction and on location with the conference (begin in the spring prior to the conference)
  • Volunteer for subcommittees (PHNAC usually recruits and coordinates the moderators for the conference)
  • Prepare a written report on the conference for the winter conference / member meeting
  • Communicate to the PHNAC president the conference meeting agenda and any speaking obligations he / she may have during the conference.
  • Attend all conference planning meetings or find a replacement. Meetings start in the fall following the conference and continue monthly.
  • Work with Public Health Alliance in planning conferences.


  • Take on any of the duties of the chairperson(s)Assist with any planning activities as assigned 


  • Meet on a monthly basis and / or PRN
  • Monitor and track the annual budget designated to the Scholarship funds and determine the amount and type of scholarships that are able to be offered
  • Request approval of the number, amount and types of scholarships by the Executive Board
  • Notify membership via the Alliance and Web site about the Scholarship deadlines and details about application
  • Review applications and determine what application meet the requirements and decide on the recipients
  • Notify the applicants who are selected to receive a scholarship and those who are not selected as well
  • Report the committee/workgroup activities to the Executive Committee monthly and membership at a minimum twice a year
  • Prepare an annual report for the fall member meeting 


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  • Set the agenda, schedule and facilitate the monthly legislative committee/workgroup meeting during the legislative session. Notify the PHNAC membership the schedule of the meetings / calls and post them on the web site.
  • If the chair is not able to facilitate the meeting either the cochair or another member shall be asked to do so. The PHNAC lobbyist generally facilitates the discussion as well.
  • Coordinate with the lobbyist the process to set the PHNAC priority agenda (bills that we will monitor actively support or oppose). The lobbyist usually conducts a member survey to establish PHNAC’s priority agenda in late fall.
  • The chair should monitor the Legislative agenda for Colorado Nurses Association, Public Health Directors of Colorado (PHDOC), and Colorado Public Health Association as well and bring any pertinent bills to the attention of the members and lobbyist.
  • Coordinate legislative events such as the “Day at the Capitol” and the winter conference since it is scheduled with the Colorado Nurses Association’s Legislative dinner.
  • Coordinate with the lobbyist any member notification during the legislative session to encourage members need to contact their legislative representatives to support or oppose a bill.
  • Report the committee/workgroup activities to the Executive Committee monthly and membership at a minimum twice a year.
  • Prepare an annual report for the fall member meeting 


  • Coordinate and facilitate a minimum of quarterly committee/workgroup meetings
  • Report committee/workgroup activities to the Executive board following meeting and during monthly organizational meetings.
  • Monitor membership numbers and facilitate activities to promote membership renewal and recruitment during membership campaigns January and June. Report membership numbers.
  • quarterly to the executive boards.
  • Prompt communication messages about the benefits of membership to potential new member groups through targeted web site messages, brochures, flyers and other media and marketing tools such as the “Top Ten Reason to Belong to PHNAC”
  • Coordinate the new member “Buddy” program or a similar member orientation program.
  • Facilitate a new member meet and greet activity during the winter conference and annual fall meeting.
  • Create a membership and marketing plan for PHNAC and to be updated every “even” year (ie. 2010, 2012...)
  • To advise and recommend changes to membership categories to the Executive board
  • Report the committee/workgroup activities to the Executive Committee a minimum twice a year
  • Prepare an annual report for the fall member meeting 

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