PHNAC is currently NOT accepting any new members. 

If you are interested in joining a Colorado’s public health organization, please visit Colorado Public Health Association. 


Membership in PHNAC comes with many benefits:

  • Eligible to apply to PHNAC scholarships
  • Discounted registration fee to PHNAC-sponsored conferences
  • Special member rate at PHNAC winter conference
  • Discounted membership rate for the Colorado Public Health Association (CPHA)
  • Participate in the new member “buddy program”
  • Receive monthly PHNAC newsletters
  • Network with other public health professionals including public health nurses

* Full PHNAC membership is $75. Student membership is $15. You must be a full-time nursing student and not a practicing nurse to qualify for this option.
** If you pay for multiple memberships, please list everyone’s name in the “Add special instructions to PHNAC” section at checkout.
*** Memberships are valid for one cycle (June 1 – May 31). Membership expires on May 31 each year.  You can join PHNAC anytime. Please select the month you joined from the drop down menu.

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